Whale Watch Queensland is part of the Whale Watch Family Pod, a sixth generation Australian family who has grown up on the oceans around Australia.

Our history began in the pearling industry back in 1985 in the remote Pilbara and Kimberly regions of Western Australia. The following years have included operations in the pearling, fishing, cray fishing, transport, ferries and eco tourism industries throughout the many great states of Australia.

Whale Watch Western Australia was established to provide our guests with the opportunity to witness some of the most remarkable whales and dolphins on our planet. Our season in Western Australia operates all year and moves with the migration of the different species we work with. Western Australia is the only location in Australia and very few places in the world you can Whale Watch all year.

One of our family members was born in Queensland with the Gold Coast creating many wonderful childhood memories over the years for our family. Our work on the waters along the east coast has provided the opportunity to observe the incredible wildlife that live and visit this region. The desire to return back to Queensland and provide guests with our world class cetacean viewing and education was paramount.

Whale Watch Queensland has arrived in the sunshine state and is providing guests with our families 6th generation of experience on the waters of Australia. Our core family unit continues to enjoy the privilege of spending our lives on the ocean and providing world class cetacean education and viewing for our guests.