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Australia’s best whale watching experience is now in Queensland

Australia’s most experienced Whale Watching tour company are delighted to bring our experience and expertise to Queensland’s Gold Coast. Our Gold Coast whale watching season begins in June and runs through until October as over 37,000 Humpback Whales undertake the annual migration along the east coast of Australia.

We offer far more than a tour, we provide an education experience with expert commentary from marine biologists and behavioural scientists aboard every tour.

We are so confident you will see the Humpback Whales that we offer a 100% lifetime guaranteed return tour for FREE.

Join the Pod® this winter departing daily from Surfers Paradise.

Australia's most experienced whale watching company
Free, Quality Photos
Marine Scientists Expert Commentary
100% Safety Record
Premier Five Star Service

Gold Coast Whale Watching Tours

Join The Pod® and Learn The Language of the Whales™ as you are welcomed onboard Australia’s
newest, state of the art purpose built Whale Watch vessel to immerse yourself in the world of the
whales in the waters off Surfers Paradise.


Whale Watch Gold Coast
Whale Watch Gold Coast - VIP
Whale Watch Sanctuary Cove
Whale Watch Sanctuary Cove - VIP
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are whale sightings guaranteed?

You are guaranteed to see the whale of your tour or you are welcome to travel again free of charge. Our guarantee is in place as we have a very accurate sighting record, however we are interacting with wild whales and should the unlikely event of a no sighting day occur you have peace of mind in knowing you will be able to join us again at no charge to sight the whale of your tour.

When can I go whale watching on the Gold Coast?

Our Gold Coast whale watching season begins in June and runs through until October as over 37,000 Humpback Whales undertake the annual migration along the east coast of Australia.

Are tours suitable for children?

All of our experiences are family friendly and it is largely dependant on your Childs experience onboard vessels and type of experience you would like to join.

What should I bring?

A jacket is recommended even on warm days as the sea breeze can be cool, sunglasses, hat, camera and motion sickness medication if required.

What happens in rough weather?

Whale Watch Queensland has a duty of care to our guests and we have a 100% safety record and will not operate in extreme weather. Our team constantly monitors the weather forecast for all tours and will advise guests of any adverse weather, please make sure to leave our team with your appropriate contact details so we may advise you of any changes to the weather forecast.

How many whales can we see?

Every tour is different and the amount of whales we can sight on one day or tour is dependant on what whales are around at the time. On average five whales are sighted on each tour and on some occasions we may only sight one whale or break a record for the amount of whales sighted in one day.

Will I get motion sickness?

Everyone is an individual and we do recommend speaking with your doctor or local chemist if you believe you may be susceptible to motion sickness. Please prepare with motion sickness medication as recommend by your health care professional and this has been proven to lessen the likely hood of becoming unwell. We recommend that preparation is always the best option for guests.

What time of day is best for whale watching?

There is no specific time of day or weather that is best for whale watching. The most important factor is how many whales are within the area you will be visiting which is why there are specific seasons in place to ensure the best opportunity for sighting whales.

Are tours safe for pregnant women?

Yes, tours are perfectly safe for pregnant women but we do recommend consulting with your doctor should you suffer from morning sickness or are susceptible to motion sickness.

What will I learn?

You will Learn the Language of the Whales with Whale Watch Queensland. We specialise in teaching our guests all about the language of the different species of whales that we interact with over our different seasons. Our live and educational commentary is run throughout your experience so you understand with in-depth information and stories the life of the amazing whales of Queensland. Our wish is for you to depart being able to speak fluent whale and share your newfound knowledge with family and friends which will ensure that the education of whales is continued. Your time onboard is more than an experience, it is an education!

The Daily Whale™

View our tour adventures in The Daily Whale blog! Australia’s premier whale watching experience updates you daily from Queensland!

Whale Watch Queensland
Humpback Whale Watching on the Gold Coast Humpback Whale Watching on the Gold Coast is best enjoyed from June to October each year as thousands of whales make their annual journey...
Whale Watch Queensland
Queensland Humpback Migration Queensland Humpback migration can be observed every June to October as over 37,000 Humpback Whales make their way north towards their...
Whale Watch Queensland
Humpback Whale Tours Humpback Whale tours are now departing on the Gold Coast as today we enjoyed the wonderful company of a lone northbound juvenile...
Whale Watch Queensland
Gold Coast Whale Watching Gold Coast whale watching during June is a perfect time to enjoy glorious winter days and see the spectacular Language of the Whales in...
Whale Watch Queensland
Whale Watch Queensland Season 2024 Begins Whale Watch Queensland Season 2024 begins today as a beautiful winters morning welcomed us to the Humpback Whale sightings grounds in...
Tips For Planning Your Whale Watching Experience
Tips For Planning Your Whale Watching Experience Tips for planning your Whale Watching Experience in Australia, home to 45 species of cetacean providing world class Whale Watch opportunities.
Bremer Bay Orca Season 2024 Bremer Bay Orca Season 2024 is fast approaching as we say farewell to the Humpbacks for this year and until their return next winter we enjoy the summer months with the Orca of Bremer Bay as our oceans apex predators gather in the pristine waters of the Southern Ocean from Jan to April.
Gold Coast Season 2023 Finale Gold Coast Season 2023 finale as we celebrate our inaugural season with Whale Watch Queensland and thank all of our Pod Members for joining us this year. It was a wonderful season and after many years of planning and preparing it was with great joy we were able to begin operations this year on the Gold Coast and see our new vessel Whale Watch 1 back in her home state and welcoming guests onboard.
Gold Coast Humpback Whales The annual Humpback Whale migration in Australia is an epic journey of endurance, romance and new beginnings. The journey is observed every winter and spring as thousands of Humpback Whales make the long migration from their feeding grounds in Antarctica to northern breeding and calving grounds.
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