Surfers Paradise Whales

Whale Watch Queensland

Surfers Paradise Whales were boisterous today as a competition pod of three males were pursuing a female northbound and travelling with much excitement. Tall, lofty exhales were observed as each whale was travelling at 15 kilometres per hour in a chase to the north. The female appeared to have already been travelling with a male escort for a little while as he was protectively guarding her as best he could against the competition. The two bachelor males were large and in great health as they closely followed the female and escort male closing in on the distance. Over the next 90 minutes they would close in on the pod ahead before the second pod would in response increase speed sending white water flying as they regained their preferred reactionary distance. The bachelor males pursuing the female were keeping the male escort she was travelling with working hard as he continued to block each of their approaches.

Using our vessel as a distraction the male escort would push in towards us every time the bachelor males moved in towards them creating a yoyo effect. The pace was set and the competition pod was moving with speed ensuring that the escort male managed to keep ahead of the bachelor boys at all times, the female seemed happy to allow the boys to sort it out amongst themselves as she cruised ahead of them most of the time. Towards the end of our interaction it appeared that the original escort male was maintaining his spot next to the female much to his relief we were sure! The bachelor boys were still interested but began to relax a little more and settle into a slightly slower pace as all four continued on that northbound path. Migrating takes place twenty four hours a day, so even after the sun has set these whales are still likely to be travelling north and covering as much ground as possible. It is great to see a few more of these larger males moving through and bringing with them that competitive energy amongst the other pods which is very much the energy we see for the northern migration and peak of the breeding season with the Surfers Paradise Whales.

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