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Tips For Planning Your Whale Watching Experience
Tips For Planning Your Whale Watching Experience Tips for planning your Whale Watching Experience in Australia, home to 45 species of cetacean providing world class Whale Watch opportunities.
Bremer Bay Orca Season 2024 Bremer Bay Orca Season 2024 is fast approaching as we say farewell to the Humpbacks for this year and until their return next winter we enjoy the summer months with the Orca of Bremer Bay as our oceans apex predators gather in the pristine waters of the Southern Ocean from Jan to April.
Gold Coast Season 2023 Finale Gold Coast Season 2023 finale as we celebrate our inaugural season with Whale Watch Queensland and thank all of our Pod Members for joining us this year. It was a wonderful season and after many years of planning and preparing it was with great joy we were able to begin operations this year on the Gold Coast and see our new vessel Whale Watch 1 back in her home state and welcoming guests onboard.
Gold Coast Humpback Whales The annual Humpback Whale migration in Australia is an epic journey of endurance, romance and new beginnings. The journey is observed every winter and spring as thousands of Humpback Whales make the long migration from their feeding grounds in Antarctica to northern breeding and calving grounds.
Whale Watch Queensland Research Whale Watch Queensland research is undertaken on every tour and provides an educational experience for our guests onboard. Our in-house research programs are also combined with collaborations with national and international universities, research groups, government bodies and experts in their field who specialise in studying particular species we also have the opportunity of working with during our tours.
Whale Watching Queensland Whale Watching Queensland on another stunning day as we headed out the seaway from Surfers Paradise, all eyes were looking as we started our search for our Humpback Whales and it didn’t take long. Just outside of the seaway we came across a mother calf and a male escort.
Sanctuary Cove Whale Watching Sanctuary Cove Whale Watching with Whale Watch Queensland can be enjoyed every June to October as we see the annual Humpback Whale migration. It was a beautiful morning as we departed the Sanctuary Cove Marina and made our way along the Coomera River.
How to Identify Queensland Humpbacks How to identify Queensland Humpback Whales is all in the fluke and part of each journey with Whale Watch Queensland it to continue building our ever growing Australian Humpback catalogue. It was a beautiful day on the Gold Coast with a big blue sky and gentle breeze as we made our way out into the sighting grounds.
Surfers Paradise Spring Whale Watching Surfers Paradise spring whale watching is a fantastic time of the year as we see all of this seasons new calves begin to make their journey south for the very first time. A mother and her very healthy calf surfaced shortly after we departed the seaway and we could see that the mother whale was slowly moving south.
Whale Watching Cruise Surfers Paradise Whale Watching cruise Surfers Paradise departed Cavill Avenue on a beautiful spring morning as we made our way to the Humpback Whale sighting grounds. It was a fantastic day for whale watching with calm seas and a clear sky as we could see a distant breach on the horizon.
Playful Gold Coast Whales Playful Gold Coast Whales were enjoying the resting grounds today as they stretched out in the sunshine and had some fun in the Queensland sun. Two seperate pods had found a nice spot to relax in not far from Main Beach as each pod had something different to say. The Language of the Whales is fantastic to observe and this morning we had a great example of what two behaviours mean.
Whales off Surfers Paradise Whales off Surfers Paradise were wonderful today as juveniles were southbound and socialising with the local Bottlenose Dolphins. It was a lovely morning as we made our way out into the sightings grounds and just off the Surfers Paradise skyline our first pod was observed.
Gold Coast Whale Safari Gold Coast Whale safari it was today as amongst the migrating Humpback Whales we had the opportunity of observing our local Bottlenose Dolphins and a curious Loggerhead Turtle. The migration was steady today with pods wide and migrating south and a couple of pods scattered closely to the coastline.
Humpback Whales Join The Pod Three male humpbacks joined the pod with Whale Watch Queensland this morning. A huge plume of white water caught our attention as we headed out towards the sighting grounds and was soon followed by the very distinctive blow of a Humpback Whale.
Queensland’s New Humpback Calf Queensland’s new Humpback calf is another precious member of this ever growing population as the little one travelled happily alongside mum today. A steady breeze ruffled the waters surface and although a few pods were sighted they were mostly resting and making the most of the relaxing morning.
Protect Our Whales Protect our whales for future generations by learning their language and the correct approach procedures to ensure you observe and not influence behaviour. Today was yet another spectacular day on the Gold Coast as we arrived in the sighting grounds with multiple pods southbound and curious.
Ocean Monuments Ocean monuments are our magnificent Humpback Whales as each and every member of the population are a treasured friend for all of our Pod Members onboard to meet.
Whales in Gold Coast Whales in Gold Coast waters were enjoying their day as they socialised with us with very curious approaches while the Pacific Gold Coast Airshow put on an incredible display.
Airborne Gold Coast Humpbacks Airborne Gold Coast Humpbacks looked to be training for the upcoming Pacific Gold Coast Airshow as final preparations are made for the upcoming weekend. It was a cosy winters morning as a snug cloud cover made for great spotting conditions as the sun glare was not disguising any pods. Multiple blows appeared all around as Humpback Whales surfaced near and far with many bachelor pods around today.
Gold Coast Whales Gold Coast Whales were spectacular this afternoon as the Language of the Whales was erupting all around us from a few meters away and out towards the horizon. The majority of the pods are currently southbound as we see a transition from the northern migration into the southern migration. The first Gold Coast whales to start heading south are juveniles, yearlings, newly pregnant females and bachelor males.
Whale Migration Gold Coast  Whale migration Gold Coast is well underway as we enjoy observing both northbound and southbound whales with spectacular surface language today. It was a busy morning filled with activity as recreational vessels buzzed around the seaway and unfortunately for a passing by pod of two young males they had attracted a lot of attention towards themselves.
Kissed by a Whale Kissed by a Whale we were today as on both our morning and afternoon tours the Whale Watch 1 was surrounded by flirty Humpback Whales who were so close we found ourselves covered in whale kisses. Departing on a beautiful winters day on the Gold Coast we made our way out of the seaway and our first encounter was with a mother whale and her newborn calf.
Whale Watching Surfers Paradise Whale Watching Surfers Paradise was spectacular today as we enjoyed beautiful weather, busy Humpback Whales and Bottlenose Dolphins. It was all about the bachelor males today as multiple bachelor pods were observed migrating south. Relaxed, social and with a bit of time on their hands the boys enjoyed some social interaction on the journey south back towards Antarctica.
Gold Coast Whale Watching Gold Coast Whale Watching today was very special as we met two precious calves with one in particular practicing the Language of the Whales in spectacular fashion. Our first mum and calf we met just outside the seaway as the young female approached the Whale Watch 1 with curiosity. She was relaxed and her little one followed closely as she presented her calf to us, this is when a female will approach the vessel and gently nudge or carry her calf and “present” to the vessel.