Whale Watch Queensland Research

Whale Watch Queensland research is undertaken on every tour and provides an educational experience for our guests onboard. Our in-house research programs are also combined with collaborations with national and international universities, research groups, government bodies and experts in their field who specialise in studying particular species we also have the opportunity of working with during our tours. Research is a fundamental part of our operations as it ensures we are learning and protecting the cetacean species and wildlife we have the great privilege of working with on a daily basis.

Observing whales and dolphins in the wild is one of the great joys in life and during our time with them all else tends to be forgotten and we are very much living in the moment! Learning their language, understanding their purpose in our ecosystems and how to correctly interact with these beautiful creatures is taught through our live and educational commentary onboard each tour. Educating our guests ensures that you will leave your tour with a better understanding of the wildlife you met with that knowledge now able to be shared with family and friends. Over time this creates a ripple affect as more and more people better understand the incredible life story of the whales and how to better protect and interact with them.

Our family have spent years perfecting our Whale Watch techniques and thousands of hours observing many different species of cetacean over three different oceans around Australia year round. Our goal is to pass on that knowledge to our guests who join our tours and enable a unique insight into the world of the whales and build a bigger appreciation and respect for their incredible life story.

Whale Watch Queensland is part of the Whale Watch Family Pod, a sixth generation Australian family who has grown up on the oceans around Australia. Our family whale watches all year, every year in the waters of Australia including our summer spent with the Orca (Killer Whales) and early Autumn with the worlds largest creature, the Blue Whale. Winter and Spring is then spent with the migration of Humpback Whales and Southern Right Whales on both the east and west coast of Australia.

Our experience, passion and knowledge of the cetaceans we work with is unrivalled as we bring world class cetacean education and viewing to our guests. The art of whale watching takes time and patience, our family business has dedicated our time to creating a whale watch experience that allows you to Join The Pod and be welcomed by the whales into their home and pod.

Whale Watch Queensland research programs incorporate all of the species we work with and include;

  • Photo identification catalogue
  • Migratory pattern monitoring
  • Body condition data collection
  • Diet and feeding ground data collection
  • Population estimates and birthing rates
  • Recreational vessel influence data collection
  • Preferred resting/birthing ground data collection

Our family strive to ensure that every year we give back to our community. Donations are organised every year for multiple organisations, charities and our team welcome onboard free of charge many local regional schools and veteran organisations. Work experience students are welcomed onboard and our annual award is given to a researcher with funding for their program provided. We continue to add to our community programs each year and this assists with our goal to educate and inspire the next generation of whale watchers and care for those in the communities we work and live in around Australia.

The opportunity we have to collect information onboard every tour is never wasted and over many years this dedication to data collection will provide vitally important information for future generations. It is an exciting time to be a Whale Watch Researcher and we look forward to furthering our understanding and knowledge over the months and years to come and hope to welcome you onboard as part of the journey!