Sanctuary Cove Whale Watching

Sanctuary Cove Whale Watching with Whale Watch Queensland can be enjoyed every June to October as we see the annual Humpback Whale migration. It was a beautiful morning as we departed the Sanctuary Cove Marina and made our way along the Coomera River. The local Osprey were busy hunting for breakfast as the Kangaroos sought shade under the trees as the warm morning made for perfect conditions to be out on the water. A huge bait ball rippled along the oceans surface as dozens of Seagulls, Crested Terns and Cormorants rushed to feast on the plentiful breakfast opportunities this morning. A few of the local Bottlenose Dolphins also made the most of the busy morning as they joined in with foraging in the seaway.

A few pods of Humpback Whales were spread and moving south as they made the most of the good conditions for travelling. Swimming at a consistent pace of 8-12kph enables the whales to cover distance efficiently while still minimising any waste of fat reserves by travelling too quickly. Humpbacks rely on their fat reserves to sustain them during these epic migrations and any wastage of energy is not good, so travel speeds and having a good travel rhythm is very important. It was lovely to spend some time with our Humpback today as he set a steady pace south and we could see that this pod was focused on the journey ahead. Sanctuary Cove whale watching is a great opportunity to see the beautiful wildlife that calls this unique part of the world home and the magnificent homes of the rich and famous.

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