Bremer Bay Orca Season 2024

Bremer Bay Orca Season 2024 is fast approaching as we say farewell to the Humpbacks for this year and until their return next winter we enjoy the summer months with the Orca of Bremer Bay as our oceans apex predators gather in the pristine waters of the Southern Ocean from Jan to April.

Every year during the summertime our family head to Western Australia’s Great Southern Region to spend our days observing and researching the Orca population that lives and feeds in the waters just off the Bremer Bay coastline. It is an incredible population with close on 300 individuals identified who each live within a family pod of 6 to 20 individuals led by a matriarch. Spending our summers here we have had the opportunity to learn all about these Orca families and know the individuals by name with each Orca having their very own personality and unique appearance. It is always a joy to see them all each season and watch as the families grow and develop with every hunt and social interaction providing fantastic opportunities to learn more about these apex predators.

Our guests can join these tours as we depart daily from January to early April every year to make our way out to the Bremer Canyons and meet the Orca. Each day is unique as we observe them foraging, hunting and socialising in these pristine waters that provide an immense amount of food for them including Giant Squid and Beaked Whales. The prey availability encourages visitors of all kinds as we also regularly observe Sperm Whales, Pilot Whales, Sharks, Sunfish, Fur Seals, False Killer Whales, Beaked Whales and many seabird species. It is a gathering of much life and energy as they all make the most of the abundant food source available to them over this incredible season.

Meet The Orca of Bremer Bay