Surfers Paradise Spring Whale Watching

Surfers Paradise spring whale watching is a fantastic time of the year as we see all of this seasons new calves begin to make their journey south for the very first time. A mother and her very healthy calf surfaced shortly after we departed the seaway and we could see that the mother whale was slowly moving south. Gently approaching we began to build a trust and bond with the mother whale as she became curious towards the Whale Watch 1. Her calf reflected mums relaxed attitude towards us as the little one would persist in approaching us every chance he got. She would need to collect her calf using her very long pectoral fin to guide him in the right direction and keep the southbound momentum going as they cruised past Surfers Paradise.

It is always very special to see our beautiful whales with the Surfers Paradise skyline behind them and observe just how well they have adapted to living and migrating past a stretch of coastline which has grown so much over the last few decades. The whales seem to enjoy their time here as much as we do and the protection these shallow waters provide which is greatly needed by the mothers and calves especially. It was also a busy weekend for the Southport Yacht Club as they celebrated the blessing of the fleet and we were very grateful for the opportunity to participate. Whale Watch 1 and all of our team onboard had a wonderful time and we look forward to next years event. Captain Alby thought it was all very exciting and made sure his uniform was ready for the big day and that he was looking his best!

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