Whale Watching Cruise Surfers Paradise

Whale Watching cruise Surfers Paradise departed Cavill Avenue on a beautiful spring morning as we made our way to the Humpback Whale sighting grounds. It was a fantastic day for whale watching with calm seas and a clear sky as we could see a distant breach on the horizon. Approaching the area we were excited to observe three pods converging and it is during these interactions surface activity is a high probability. The Language of the Whales involves many different behaviours including breaching, pec slapping and tail slapping which can be both friendly or dominant. Today with the three pods converging we could see the excitement building amongst the whales. A powerful exhale right on our stern erupted as a lone, cheeky bachelor male decided he wanted to checkout the Whale Watch 1.

Coming over for a good look he was wanting to see what we were all about before moving towards the other pods a hundred meters ahead. The approach towards the other whales received an almighty response as one of the large adults launched into a full body breach which was very impacting! The intensity levels were high as the seperate pods merged into one and we had four excited Humpback Whales on the move together with one cheeky juvenile trailing them. Southbound was the rhythm of the day as although much interaction was happening amongst the pods they were still managing to keep themselves moving south at a consistent pace. Two of the males travelling in a bachelor pod were busy moving towards each of the pods they would have ahead of them to see if any females were around. Today for the boys though the girls were all taken but it certainly made for a fun time with these boisterous Humpback Whales on a beautiful day.

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