Queensland Humpback Migration

Whale Watch Queensland

Queensland Humpback migration can be observed every June to October as over 37,000 Humpback Whales make their way north towards their breeding and calving grounds. During the month of June we have the opportunity of observing different age groups within the population including juveniles, mature males and females, heavily pregnant females and one of our favourite pods the mothers and their yearlings. Today we had the wonderful opportunity of meeting a very large mother whale and her equally large and healthy yearling calf. The little one who was born during last years calving season is now a very short time away from weaning and beginning his own adventure. It is an exciting time for both mother and yearling after nearly twelve long months together they are entering the next phase of their life ahead. The youngster now has all the skills they will need to migrate, feed and socialise amongst the other members of the population.

The mother whales will either fall pregnant this season to welcome another newborn next year or rest and rebuild their fat reserves to welcome a calf in the 2026 season instead. Today though it was just mum and her bub migrating north peacefully with no other pods nearby to interfere or distract their journey past the Gold Coast. It is always a remarkable sight to observe wild whales with the Surfers Paradise skyline decorating the backdrop for such a unique wildlife viewing opportunity. The whales have learnt over the years their preferred locations along the east coast and often after a big swim north from the border they are looking for an opportunity to have a quick rest prior to the next stage of their journey. Today we watched on as mother whale directed her calf north but after a big swim with much momentum they began to settle to the north of the seaway and relax into a more settled pace. It was fantastic to see both whales looking so well with good weight on and has been a wonderful indicator of a great feeding season as the whales currently migrating north are in tip top condition. The Queensland Humpback migration is always an exciting time to get out onto the beautiful Pacific Ocean and spend some time with the incredible Humpback Whales of Australia.

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