Airborne Gold Coast Humpbacks

Airborne Gold Coast Humpbacks looked to be training for the upcoming Pacific Gold Coast Airshow as final preparations are made for the upcoming weekend. It was a cosy winters morning as a snug cloud cover made for great spotting conditions as the sun glare was not disguising any pods. Multiple blows appeared all around as Humpback Whales surfaced near and far with many bachelor pods around today. A competition pod first got our attention as flirty pec slaps called in a few males as the female was looking for her perfect bodyguard for the journey south. The boys jostled to get closer to the female as a nearby pod of bachelor males merged with more bachelors as they cruised in towards the coastline looking for the perfect area to relax.

One pod launched into huge breaching, head lunging and tail lobbing as it appeared something had startled them, likely a pesky shark hanging around the area. It was a very impressive display and put on show the power these beautiful whales have in spades when it is required. Further pods meandered south with only a couple of pods heading north as the flow of the southbound migration starts to take over the coastline. It was also wonderful to see the final training preparations for the Airshow which will be unfolding this weekend, a great sneak peak for all of our Pod Members onboard. It will be a wonderful weekend and for all those joining us there will be an opportunity to not only enjoy the company of the whales but also see the Pacific Gold Coast Airshow in a prime location with Surfers Paradise as the magnificent backdrop to the spectacle.

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