Go Whale Watching Surfers Paradise

Go Whale Watching Surfers Paradise to meet the remarkable Humpback Whales as they make their annual migration past the Surfers Paradise skyline. It was a lovely afternoon for whale watching as we departed the Gold Coast Broadwater and made our way out into the sighting grounds as a lofty exhale was observed just ahead. Surfacing calmly we observed a mother whale and her calf looking for the perfect spot to rest as the mother Humpback settled in not far from the Whale Watch 1. She began to sleep as she drifted peacefully at the surface while her gorgeous calf wiggled around in circles right alongside her in a playful mood. It is always wonderful to be able to sit and watch these intimate interactions unfold between a mother and her calf with the little one being no more than 1-2 weeks old. All that twisting and rolling allowed us to also confirm that she was a little girl which was very exciting news as her mum continued to snooze on happily.

It was a great opportunity for us to tiptoe away and approach a pod on the northbound migration a few hundred meters away and moving efficiently. The lone adult was focused and covering ground and after a few surfacing’s we noticed that the mother Humpback and her little calf were now approaching the area. Further pods had begun to migrate towards the location and with that increase in pod activity the mother whale launched into powerful tail and inverted tail slapping with a few powerful tail lobs thrown in for good measure and to help roll herself over. Her calf literally leapt at the opportunity to join in as each breach was followed by a head lunge as the beautiful calf practiced her surface language. It was spectacular to observe and fantastic to see both mother and calf working together as the little one learnt some great lessons and technique by observing her mums surface activity. A beautiful afternoon with some very special whales and a wonderful opportunity to meet one of the newest members of the big east coast Humpback family!

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