Gold Coast Family Whale Watching

Gold Coast Family Whale Watching today as we welcomed some of our younger Pod Members onboard to meet the Gold Coast Humpback Whales. It was a beautiful morning as a warmer breeze rippled across the seaway as we made our way out into the sighting grounds. All eyes scanned carefully and it was a peaceful morning as Gannets rested on the surface after a busy morning of feeding. A distant blow was followed by a couple of breaches as we approached our first Humpback Whale for the morning. Waiting and watching carefully a lofty exhalation appeared on our starboard side as we could see that we had joined with a lone whale travelling to the north. It appeared this male was on the lookout for a friend as on his next surfacing he launched once more into an enormous full body breach landing with a spectacular splash.

A very loud callout towards any other Humpbacks who were within the vicinity and an attempt to find a female companion to join with for the next stage of the long swim towards the Great Barrier Reef. Wishing him well we cruised back in towards the beautiful Surfers Paradise skyline as the gentle swell surfed us in efficiently. A mother and her new calf were quietly swimming together as they made their way towards The Spit and seemed very relaxed. It was wonderful to see such a young calf of only 1-2 weeks of age looking content and swimming strongly alongside mum. The female knew exactly where she was headed and guided her calf calmly and slowly north as the little one tucked in close to mum for the benefit of swimming in her slipstream. The local Bottlenose Dolphins buzzed past for a quick greeting as they appeared to have been working alongside the Gannets and Crested Terns feasting on schools of baitfish this morning. It was yet another lovely day enjoying some Gold Coast family whale watching and meeting one of the newest members of the east coast Humpback Whale population.

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