Gold Coast Whale Sightings Today

Gold Coast Whale sightings today were spectacular as the adult Humpbacks Whales took over the afternoon with enormous surface activity and boisterous displays. It was a busy afternoon on the Gold Coast Broadwater as we enjoyed our cruise out to the sighting grounds and shortly after departing the seaway a commotion began on our starboard side. It was an escort pod migrating north who were responding defensively to a pod not far from their location. The escort pod was busy tail lobbing to deter the other pod from making an approach towards them. Wishing them well we moved out towards the pod who had started the conversation as two enormous adults were busy pec slapping and breaching. It was flirty language as these whales called out to all those who were listening in an attempt to attract attention towards themselves. Breaching a few mile away was observed as they did receive a response from pods in the distance.

The adults were very curious and approached the Whale Watch 1 as they showed us just how a perfect pec slap and breach should look like. It was spectacular and as they settled after a big surface display we wished them well as we approached some of the other pods just ahead. Arriving to further big breaching we could see a competition pod starting to form as they accelerated and moved with speed. Propelling themselves past other pods there was a defensive tail lob to our starboard side before the competition pod launched into yet another full body breach. It was a spectacular afternoon for Gold Coast whale sightings today and a joy to see so many surface active pods communicating to each other over many miles. Cruising back towards the Surfers Paradise skyline we enjoyed yet another spectacular sunset in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

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