Ocean Monuments

Ocean monuments are our magnificent Humpback Whales as each and every member of the population are a treasured friend for all of our Pod Members onboard to meet. Today was spectacular with not a whisper of wind, sunshine and calm seas as the Pacific Airshow Gold Coast celebrated their last day of what has been a big weekend. Thousands of people lined the shoreline as hundreds of boats made their way out to see the show and it was a thrilling time to be out on the waters of the Gold Coast enjoying a superb winters day. Leaving the excitable crowds behind we made our way further out into the sighting grounds and met some rather playful Bottlenose Dolphins who seemed to have had a great breakfast as they were full of beans and very playful. Just ahead of them we could see two seperate pods slowly making their way south with one of the pods having three boisterous bachelor boys travelling together.

The boys were playful and curious as they approached the Whale Watch 1 and we soon found ourselves enjoying the company of these beautiful whales. The intense focus of a curious Humpback Whale is very special to be part of as all of their energy and attention is directed our way with much enthusiasm. The boys were boisterous as the younger male tried to outmanoeuvre the older male with much twisting and turning as they both tried to get closer to us while pushing each other out of the way. It was a very special encounter we we found ourselves swimming with the boys as the bachelor pod moved south and eventually it was time to wish them farewell as they continued on their way. Our last pod was a beautiful mother whale and her newborn calf as she was looking for someone to escort her with powerful breaching to call out to the whales around. It was spectacular to see and her little one watched on learning all about the Language of the Whales from mum. Moving in towards us she was very curious and we had the opportunity to meet one of the newest ocean monuments of our east coast population, a true treasure.

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