Playful Gold Coast Whales

Playful Gold Coast Whales were enjoying the resting grounds today as they stretched out in the sunshine and had some fun in the Queensland sun. Two seperate pods had found a nice spot to relax in not far from Main Beach as each pod had something different to say. The Language of the Whales is fantastic to observe and this morning we had a great example of what two behaviours mean. Our first pod were large adults, confident and relaxed as they slowly moved south. The pod had noticed another two Humpback Whales just ahead of them and decided to complete a few very gently tail slaps. Generally tail slaps are dominant and today these adults were communicating to the second pod they did not want to interact and were maintaining their reactionary distance.

The second pod didn’t seem to mind and continued on with flirty pec slapping as they called out to all other whales in the vicinity. Pectoral fin slapping is a very friendly behaviour and we gently approached this pod to say hello. The two youngsters were very curious as they swam towards us and surfaced right alongside the Whale Watch 1. Investigating and having a good look they then continued on their way at a steady pace with plenty of pec slapping and belly rolls as they socialised together. It is fantastic to see happy, relaxed whales enjoying the waters just off the Gold Coast. Rest and social interactions are very important for these intelligent whales and today we were able to enjoy our time with this special pod on the last magnificent winters day on the Gold Coast. Spring will see thousands of Humpback Whales continuing the journey south and we cannot wait to meet them all!

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