Queensland Humpback Whales

Queensland Humpback Whales are migrating past the Gold Coast in big numbers for Season 2023. It was a fantastic week of whale watching on the Gold Coast with fantastic weather and wonderful  Humpback Whales. Captain Charlie and Captain Jordan did a great job captaining the Whale Watch 1 with plenty of busy whales currently migrating past Surfers Paradise. Every year over 37,000 Humpback Whales make the annual journey along the eastern Australian coastline to reach warmer waters for their breeding and calving season. It is an exciting time of the year as the competitive males do all they can to impress the females with plenty of surface language including breaching, tail slapping and head lunging. Behaviour can change dramatically with so many whales around and it is always important to observe the area carefully for conversations amongst the whales that can begin at any moment.

Looking forward to the week ahead with plenty of sunshine, calm conditions and wonderful Humpback Whales expected. The best time of the year to enjoy meeting the Humpback Whales as they travel past Surfers Paradise is June through to October. During this time of the year we are observing many large, adult whales competing and plenty of escort pods as males protectively escort their females the north.

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