Whale Watching from The Spit

Whale Watching from The Spit on the Gold Coast was enjoyed this morning with spectacular breaching, head lunging and tail lobbing from a young male before a competition pod arrived on scene with white water flying. It was a fantastic start to our morning as we departed the Broadwater and enjoyed the cosy cloud covered conditions with much excitement for what Humpback Whales we were going to meet today. It was set to be a big morning as within moments of departing the seaway a small, muffled blow appeared on our starboard side. Approaching gently we waited to see who was resting in this sheltered pocket and smiled to see a young juvenile Humpback Whale making his way towards us with curiosity. The youngster had energy and seemed excited as his momentum increased and a powerful tail lob resulted before an enormous breach exploded just off our bow. It was time to call out to the other whales as breaching, head lunging and tail lobbing followed with spectacular results as white water was sent flying and the callout to the other whales was powerful.

It certainly worked as we could see a large pod moving towards us quickly, six whales strong and boisterous as it was confirmed a competition pod was in town. The males within this pod were much larger and it was their size and sound which seemed to make our young male very shy as he retreated back to his spot just off The Spit to watch as the males rumbled past after the female. She had all the boys attention as she pushed north with plenty of shoving and jostling for position closest to her. The many other pods around were scattered and keeping a low profile as they attempted to avoid attracting the attention of any bachelor males attracted to the area from all of the commotion. Our third pod we had the opportunity to join was two large adults travelling together with a juvenile following them around 200 meters to their left side. The youngster seemed to have been accepted by the adults and was happily following them north as all three were pleased to see a pod of Common Dolphins racing in to say hello. Bow riding and wake riding the Common Dolphins were having a ball as they followed along and it was the perfect way to complete a lovely morning enjoying Whale Watching from The Spit.

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