Toowoomba Whale Watch

Toowoomba Whale Watch it was today as we welcomed Pod Members to meet the Humpback Whales off Surfers Paradise as they travelled from Toowoomba to join us for a wonderful day with the whales. A beautiful morning greeted us we departed from Cavill Avenue and enjoyed the peaceful surrounds of the Nerang River before heading out into the activity of the Broadwater as everyone enjoyed a beautiful weekend on the Gold Coast. Cruising out to the sighting grounds it was fantastic to see multiple pods on the northbound journey as one Humpback Whale in particular was moving very quickly.

A pod just ahead of this individual had his attention and he raced to try and catchup with them. It is currently the breeding season for the Humpbacks and with their sensitive hearing and ability to listen out for competition pods many kilometres away the bachelor males are always on the lookout. Although they generally cruise at around 8-12 kilometres per hour when a Humpback Whale needs to get a wiggle on they can reach speeds of 20-30 kilometres per hour which is extraordinary speeds for a creature of their size in a marine environment. It was wonderful to welcome our Pod Members from Toowoomba today and see their passion and dedication to meet the Humpback Whales on the Gold Coast!

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