Whale Migration Gold Coast 

Whale migration Gold Coast is well underway as we enjoy observing both northbound and southbound whales with spectacular surface language today. It was a busy morning filled with activity as recreational vessels buzzed around the seaway and unfortunately for a passing by pod of two young males they had attracted a lot of attention towards themselves. Launching into powerful tail lobs the youngsters were trying to clear room around them and warn the following vessels they were far too close. Eventually the whales were able to move away after a longer breath hold and it was a good time to wish them well and hopefully they would continue to achieve a bigger reactionary distance from the recreational boats. Moving out towards further pods we could see a few starting to converge as one of the bachelor pods launched into full body, double breaching and it was absolutely beautiful to see unfold. The boys were spectacular and it was such a powerful display to see as the nearby pods could hear them loud and clear.

The afternoon was also busy with multiple pods on the move and further bachelor males causing a commotion. Head lunging and peduncle slaps were starting up as further pods from the north moved south and we soon found ourselves surrounded by Humpback Whales. Three bachelor boys had joined and spent some time swimming closely before we noticed a nearby female launch into breaching and pec slapping. A flirty and spectacular language as she called out to all those bachelor males and was in search of her perfect male escort. The boys came charging in and she soon had two males vying for her attention as the breaching and pec slapping continued. Directing her attention towards us we could see the boys getting more boisterous before a third male joined the competition and he was enormous! His presence was enough to make the youngest male move away and over towards us as the second youngster began to peduncle slap in frustration. It seemed the female had attracted the attention of a very powerful and mature male who was now winning the battle so far as primary escort. Wishing them well we moved back in towards Surfers Paradise as we watched a beautiful sunset on another magnificent day enjoying the whale migration on the Gold Coast.

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