Whale Sightings Gold Coast Today

Whale sightings Gold Coast today were spectacular with dozens of pods moving past Surfers Paradise and incredible surface activity. The morning was busy with many Humpback Whales migrating both north and south with one pod in particular very keen to be noticed. Breach after breach was then followed by pec slapping as a flirty female called out to get attention coming her way. The male escort she was travelling with seemed slightly concerned with all this activity as he completed a few big head lunges to try and warn the nearby pods to not approach his girl. She was incredibly flirty and curious as she approached the Whale Watch 1, breaching her way towards us before rolling into more pec slapping right alongside. Approaching pods launched into breaching themselves and the entire area was alive with the Language of the Whales.

Our afternoon was also busy as our first pod was with a mother Humpback and her brand new calf. The little ones dorsal fin was still folded and this indicates the calf is no more than a week or so old. Mother and bub were calm and content and travelling away from nearby pods as she stopped a little while later and found a great spot to rest and relax for a while. Further activity was unfolding ahead and we approached two pods with one in particular boisterous and full of energy. A beautiful black bellied Humpback was communicating with big tail lobs, pec slapping and a powerful breach just off our bow. The two Humpbacks were very curious as they approached us for a closer look and to investigate while they continued to meander south. It is an exciting time of the year with a steady flow of both southbound and northbound Humpback Whales to enjoy meeting each day off the Gold Coast.

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