Whales Gold Coast

Whales Gold Coast was spectacular today as during both our morning and afternoon tours we observed extraordinary surface language from juveniles, adults and darling calves. It was a cosy morning with a cloud covered sky and minimal winds creating perfect spotting conditions as we made our way out into the sighting grounds and very quickly met our first Humpback Whale for the morning who was a boisterous juvenile travelling southbound. The youngster launched into a full body breach which was shortly followed by another landing with an almighty splash before continuing to cruise south along the Surfers Paradise skyline. Wishing him well we moved out to our second pod for the morning as an enormous and very healthy female surfaced with her calf. She was relaxed and resting quietly with her little one before a small crowd of recreational vessels approached. The majority were doing the right thing and treating her with respect while providing her with plenty of distance.

One small boat though continued to drive directly at the mother whale and we could see this was agitating her as she would manoeuvre to the other side of our vessel each time to try and avoid him. It was an opportunity to discuss with our Pod Members onboard how patient our whales can be and that if they are pushed into a situation they are not comfortable with they will communicate this to vessels who are harassing them. Shortly after we finished that sentence the mother whale launched into a powerful, full body breach directed straight at the small dinghy that had been following her far too closely.

It was a warning to keep clear and give herself and calf a bigger reactionary distance which for most people is common sense but unfortunately not everybody. She did eventually outmanoeuvre the small dinghy and moved her calf closer in towards the coast where we wished her a relaxing afternoon resting away from the crowds. The morning was completed as we joined with two very large adults as one member of the pod launched into barrel role breaches as they migrated north with purpose, a ver special way to farewell our morning whales.

Departing on the Broadwater in the afternoon we moved out to the sighting grounds as one pod moved south and a lone male began to breach. He was very enthusiastic as he breached, tail lobbed and rolled over into inverted fluke slapping creating a huge display. Moving towards the other whales for a short time it appeared he may approach them but eventually he peeled away and pushed back into the coastline. The second pod was still very relaxed and cruising south as the female rolled over and began to gracefully pec slap as her male escort travelled right alongside. Travelling with them we watched and waited for the next surfacing as they decided to come our way and investigate the Whale Watch 1 with interest.

She rolled onto her side just as they surfaced right next to us and began to pec slap again, such a flirty girl! The pod was happily continuing this rhythm of surfacing alongside us and pec slapping for a long time before they nearly bumped into another pod who was northbound. The mother, calf and male escort noticed the other whales as the male launched into an enormous full body breach. It did the trick as the pod we were originally travelling with diverted away and the three Humpbacks in the new pod swam towards us looking for a distraction. The tiny calf began to fluke slap before mother whale launched into a tail lob while the male escort breached once again making a nearby fishing boat look very small! The display was sensational to see in the perfect sunset lighting as these beautiful Humpback Whales spoilt us with a wonderful display to complete a fantastic day of whale watching off the Gold Coast.

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