Whales off Surfers Paradise

Whales off Surfers Paradise were wonderful today as juveniles were southbound and socialising with the local Bottlenose Dolphins. It was a lovely morning as we made our way out into the sightings grounds and just off the Surfers Paradise skyline our first pod was observed. Two young Humpback Whales were moving south at a steady pace and were travelling with the playful and enthusiastic local Bottlenose Dolphins. Noisy exhalations known as trumpeting could be heard as the whales expressed their excitement to be hanging out with some new mates. It is a wonderful age group to be working with as we can see their unique personalities growing in confidence with each experience and interaction along the long migration path.

The fun continued as the dolphins began to porpoise playfully and the Humpback Whales moved fast to keep up with their playful antics. Rolling, twisting and a few flirty pec slaps resulted from all the social activities as the young whales covered ground efficiently while still enjoying plenty of play. A second pod was just ahead but managed to move away from the incoming pod we were travelling with as they decided to spend some time away from the others. Wishing our new mates a safe and fun journey ahead we made our way back towards the seaway as a young Humpback Whale surfaced quickly. Slowing to let him know we had seen him we watched for the next surfacing and to everyones surprise he launched into a full body breach! It was spectacular and a wonderful way to complete what was a fantastic morning with the whales off Surfers Paradise.

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